Beautiful as icon Violet Iris with double face
woman´s and man´s.

More than 30 years ago T.Last left St.Petersburg, the well-know, famous town with its cultural and art legacy to Germany.

She has already made the name and international acknowledgement to herself with her beautiful pictures.
These are the wonderful pictures of flowers, which eradicate the light and we can see this light on the ancient Russian icons, or in the works of Japan’s painter. Undoubtedly, this style of drawing is a very hard work.

T.Last was born in an old family. There were artists, engineers in this family.
After getting of architectural, art, psychological education, she worked with children with breaking speech and mind.

Thanks to this, her pictures make an impression, that her education and the experience of psychologist allows to penetrate into the soul of flower as an element of Nature.
She draws her pictures with animation and tenderness, and with inherent sence of aesthetics.

At the same time the pictures make some secret, erotic, almost magnetic influence, because the flowers on the pictures are lively, they have eyes, mouth, ears, separately their own special faces, and like women’s rounded forms.
Not for nothing she calls three famous painters of the past - Maria Sibulla Merian, Tamara de Lempicka and Georgia O´Keeffes – how looking round at their works.

T.Last attended at botanical courses in different countries. That is why the flowers on the pictures is not a quiet cold life. They tell stories – for example – poppies in the rye – this landscape shows the endless world of nature in all her beauty.

Combination of proud, full of sun and light South countries, flowers with shy innocent snow – white chamomile – the child of North nature – makes an excellent impression.
Again, the unique picture Violet Iris, where we can see the relations between man and woman, which thanks to it’s iconography absolutely inimitable and unusual.

The flowers on the pictures are not far from life, they are not in Vases, they live in a free world of nature.
The flowers attract the other biological species such as paradisial birds, butterflies…
They look at each other with great pleasure, showing their splendour and beauty. This absolute harmony is the richness of world that we call “deitily”.

T.Last is not only the painter, she is a philosopher, she understands the nature as thinking scientist and thinker.
On the pictures we see flowers which tell the history of biological and botanical world: such as daffodils, tulips, anemone Irises, carnations sunflowers and others.
All these flowers are paradisial by birth, from different corners of Planet, they were cultivated by people, who likes beauty in nature.

The flowers tell us about warmth and sunlight of paradisial corners of Planet and the children of North regions can enjoy not only with snow winter, but with subtropical sun from flowers transferring to the pictures of Tamara Last.

The flowers on her pictures directly connected with the sun, they eradiate unearthly sunlight, as “Sunflower”, which is even at the end of summer eradiate especial sunlight to sky distance.
In this picture we can see, that T.Last as a painter was able to see the nature at the end of summer in natural colored ranges, light and bright.
It is necessary to say about using paints on the pictures – they have no chemical and unnatural character, they make an impression of life – natural.

In her pictures we see not only the impression from nature of her Motherland – Russia, but because of numerous travelings her artistic horizons and possibilities are extended from South Africa to America.

The pictures of T.Last are very popular, are very successful, and there are many pictures in private and open collections, especially in South Africa to America.